About Us

WEEDO 3D Printing: The Beginner's Path to Creative Freedom


WEEDO 3D printers was founded with the mission of making 3Dprinting accessible and easy for everyone. We want to give people thefreedom to create and explore their ideas, without the fear ofuncertainty and complexity.


Our 3D printers are designed with the beginner in mind. We know that starting out in 3D printing can be intimidating, and we want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. That's why we offer a range of features to make setup and operation simple and straightforward, from intuitive controls to comprehensive support and training.



We are dedicated to making 3D printing accessible and affordable foreveryone, so that everyone can explore their creativity and turn theirideas into reality. Our printers are designed to provide reliableperformance and quality results, so you can focus on creating, ratherthan worrying about your printer.



But it isn't just ease of use that makes WEEDO 3D printers the perfect choice for beginners – it's the creative freedom that comes with 3D printing. With WEEDO 3D printers, you can unlock your imagination and create whatever you can dream up. From custom decorations and home decor to functional tools and parts, the possibilities are endless.


So take the first step on your 3D printing journey and join the creative revolution with WEEDO 3D printers. Unlock your creative potential and create the world you want to see.